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Two Pieces for Wind Trio
for flute, clarinet, and bassoon

Work no. 208


    The first of these pieces started out as a brief hymn in C major, a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing which happened because I wanted to celebrate my purchase of a new synthesizer, but had no people to celebrate with – just my notation software. Afterwards, I looked at the chords and realized I could use the procedure sketched out in the solo harpsichord Study for an Algorithm. That went down extremely well. I then remembered an older unfinished piece for wind quartet, which seemed to almost have the same mood, despite the circumstances of its composition being very different. I resurrected it, threw the fourth voice out, and it became a trio for the same instruments. There was some editing after, but that was essentially it. Having made the audio files, I was shocked to discover they pieces ended up the exactlly same length! It's only exact in the audio files, of course, but I interpreted it as a good omen.

    Two Pieces for Wind Trio – PDF score

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