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Maurice Bellet's Supplementary Exercises
for clarinet(s)

Work no. 51

This work is a digital edition of advanced exercises contained in Méthode nouvelle de clarinette by Maurice Bellet, a French clarinetist and pedagogue who lived in the first quarter of the 20th century. The edition is based on an incomplete library copy of supplementary exercises only; I haven't been able to find neither the book itself nor a complete set of exercises from it. I'm presenting my findings here in hopes that someone will be able research the matter more fully. Although the Bellet's unique approach to notation frequently combines several exercises in one staff, which can then serve as a score for a duet, and there are other peculiarities as well which I thought deserved at least some mention in literature. I for one could not resist borrowing some of Bellet's tricks for my own works.

More information on the original source is available in the PDF linked below. Here also is a sample of the book's contents rendered into sound using MIDI and a sample library:


    PDF score

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